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Curious-Men Personals is a place where men can explore their sexuality with other men in a non-judgmental environment. Personal ads, event calendar, news and more.

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Bonza_1 Bonza_1 45 Melbourne Australia
Speedbag-Boy Speedbag-Boy 23 Guanajuato Mexico
sculpin sculpin 43 Anchorage Alaska
Bondage4Me Bondage4Me 50 Southgate Michigan
dirtymind020 dirtymind020 34 Amsterdam Netherlands
shygo shygo 66 Orange Park Florida
shaunpony shaunpony 35 Medford Oregon
CapeCodSon CapeCodSon 30 Sagamore Massachusetts
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bareonly bareonly 58 Carneys Poin New Jersey
dadneeds1son dadneeds1son 70 Evanston Wyoming
drop_um drop_um 60 Glen Cove New York
toolz toolz 71 Acworth Georgia
Webb69 Webb69 65 Toronto Ontario
DominantOTKSpanker DominantOTKSpanker 61 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
rjotk5 rjotk5 75 New Rochelle New York
spankubare spankubare 62 Dorset United Kingdom


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SoccerJock Jeff1 toolz twinklysmooth josh18 support apple_of_dads_eye Mandingo

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shaunpony 6 wks ago Woof! Looking for a daddy in Oregon nor Calif
Bondage4Me 11 wks ago anyone near Detroit/Toledo into kidnap roleplay/abduction scenes? me as prey?
Bottomslut29 21 wks ago Let’s get naked and do what we do
eastncdad 22 wks ago Anyone in eastern NC?
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