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brownbear61 Male 58 Gay Fuck Buddies
I'm looking for friends and playmates.I'm in a open relationship and looking for 1 on 1 or groups.I am a little 'shy' at fiest but warm up quickly! I like things on the kinky side [just ask!] vanilla is OK but best for ice cream!.100% BOTTOM and have always been! I love COCK,TOYS and FIST! I would like someone who can carry on a conversation on varying topics and have multiple interests outside of the bedroom.You MUST be very Clean and Hygenic!!! I'm certain that i've missed several things so Please just ask and I WILL answer any and all questions. I'm in a long term relationship[20yrs] but it has become very strained over the last several years and i'm so very unhappy ,so thats why i'm on here looking for a little happy and maybe even more! Lets Talk! Thank You Richard
Winchester Virginia

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