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SFOlderOutgoing Male 64 Gay Relationship
I am on the lookout for another fully-realized individual to partner with in life. An individual who is younger than me in years, but not necessarily in life's experiences, someone who is turned on by the older/younger dynamic, but someone who is more interested in the chemistry between individuals and less in role playing. I am a well-balanced, sane, sober and professional individual who is interested in meeting easy going, mature, masculine young men. You should have a serious and romantic side to you, an outgoing personality, a good positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Please be someone who likes to travel, enjoys the outdoors, and is comfortable attending social gatherings and events. However, it is important you don’t always need to be on the go or entertained. You should be happy to chill at home or have friends over for dinner. Are you comfortable with a good conversation and a great glass of wine? If so, let’s connect.
San Francisco California

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