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Big Muscled Puerto Rican submission grappler into Wrestling CBT & Bondage
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Rican_Muscle_Mule Male 46 Gay S&M/CBT Give
Hi, I am a Puerto Rican muscled real life submission grappler that has also challenged others to competitive matches where low blows-nut attacks were mutually allowed. But, im also seeking a bondage-CBT dom who is willing to train a powerfully built and strong Puerto Rican muscle mule via forced workouts, CBT and other tests of my endurance. I am hung big when fully erect and experienced in bondage and ruff scenes both as a dominant fuck top and as a mule dicked rican muscle captive. I'm free most Saturdays either for a hot competitive wrestling match or power play scene. Ideally want someone who is strongly creative and good at controlling men twice their size-strength.
Santa Monica California

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