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MarsVoltron Male 28 Gay Dating
I'm more of a relationship oriented type of guy.. 5'11 Cherokee, British, French, Black/Egyptian. Brown eyes, curly soft black hair and smooth. Use to play Lacrosse, mid field and attack. Many hobbies, pretty much anything you can think of, and very open minded so there isn't anything I won't try twice. Masculine 4 Masculine, seems like a fair trade? Looking for that guy who will spoil me rotten :) --- For those of you who love to read.. I love and use to play Lacrosse (Position: attack). I have black curly hair, I'm 5' 10'-11', brown eyes, and my heritage is British, African American/ Egyptian, French, Cherokee odd combination... I love my friends and they mean a lot to me but if they were hanging off a cliff I would probably let go just so I wouldn't drop my BlackBerry. I'm a lover and the hopeless romantic type not a fighter, but when necessary (standing up for the ones I love) I can throw a nefarious punch. I'm very unpronounced and different and also misleading... I'm pretty reserved and I like to kick back and watch sports from time to time and fall asleep shortly after I call that first field goal bull! I'm easily amused and can be very goofy. My taste in music is phenomenal Deftones, Coldplay, Beatles, 30 Seconds to Mars, Mars Volta... I could go on, I have over thirty thousand songs in my iTunes library. Not too bilingual but I can comprehend a little Spanish, not sure but I may be able to still hold a conversation in Bulgarian, govrite bulgarski? My wardrobe mainly consist Dark and light blues, reds and Khakis or Jeans and they fit (pants are worn around my waist!) I am loyal honest and date one guy at a time. Once I have found that person or that person has found me, the rest of you will become silhouettes! I am mainly interested in older men. Preferably Caucasian. I have goals of becoming an attorney and working on that now. Very open minded I enjoy many things and am very open minded to trying new things, it's not often to hear the word 'no' from me! Some things I do enjoy are winter sports (skiing etc.), camping, hiking, bowling, and reading,various research on random topics ( I love learning new things), and traveling, big fan of cars & technology, cuddling up and watching a good movie or show with 'that person' would definitely top anything else. I am masculine and not defined by my sexuality, discreet, professional, and respectful. Communication is key in any type of relationship, if we can't hold a conversation we may not be a great match. Sexually my position is bottom or rarely versatile bottom.. or what ever satisfies the person I am with. If two people like each other then none of it should be a big deal. I'm not so much interested in physical appearance but a very intelligent, firm or romantic guy could easily win me over. I live in Atlanta, there is definitely a possibility to relocate for someone who is a great match.
Atlanta Georgia

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