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DanOhio Male 57 Gay Play partner - bottom
I'm a top bear daddy. I spank my boys, 21 over my knee on their bare bottoms. Gay, straight, married, it doesn't matter. I can also hold and comfort my boys and play with their bottoms. If you are in need of a father's discipline and a father's love you are welcome to contact me. I play safely and with discretion. Straight married men a specialty. I meet a lot of curious straight men. I can be strict and demanding or loving, but firm. You will not be abused but your bottom (not ass) will be warm and sore. I prefer to spank you with my hand but have been known to use a small wooden hairbrush, sparingly, when I think it is necessary. If you'd like to know more or arrange a meeting, let's hear from you.
Columbus Ohio

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